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Podcast Directories - Where to Submit Your Podcast

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Podcast directories as well as distribution platforms are a lot like search engines. There are a lot of them, but almost every podcast listener uses the top one.

This is why we say, "Google it" when referring to searching for something online.

When it comes to podcasts, most are found via Apple Podcasts, either directly from Apple's Podcasts app on iPhone or via one of the many other apps that uses its data.

This is good and bad. On the good side, you can reach a lot of people by just submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts. On the other side, should Apple Podcasts have a policy change and kick your podcast out of its system, you're in trouble.

Taking into account the "risk vs. reward" element of submitting your podcast to various podcast directories and distribution platforms, here are the ones I recommend for the majority of podcasters.

Podcast Directories

Apple Podcasts

This is the big one. If you're in Apple Podcasts, you're almost everywhere, including the majority of top Android and non-Apple iPhone apps which pull from Apple Podcasts' data.

Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts here.


The Blubrry Podcast Directory allows podcasters to get their podcasts exposure via hardware, software, and devices that are often overlooked, including Roku and Samsung SmartTV.

Submit your podcast to Blubrry here.

Podcast Distribution Platforms

Amazon Echo / Alexa

If your podcast is listed in major podcast databases, such as TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, note that it's already available via Amazon Echo. However, if you have short (under 10 minutes), frequently-released episodes you may want to make your podcast available via Amazon Echo's "Flash Briefing" feature. This is especially powerful for audio content consumed in the morning, such as news, religious devotionals, and anything designed to quickly inform, inspire, or motivate.

Amazon Music / Audible

Amazon Music is one of the largest on-demand streaming music platforms with 55 million global customers and growing rapidly. It’s also tightly integrated with the Alexa ecosystem, which will give you another option to be available via Amazon Echo.

Audible is the most popular audiobooks service in the world with a large and loyal customer base that loves great storytelling, many of whom also love podcasts.

You can submit your podcast to Amazon Music / Audible here.


Spotify is primarily a music streaming platform, but because of its large user base, there is a huge opportunity for podcasters. It's especially great for podcasts focusing on a younger audience or related to music.

With approximately 140,000,000 users (paid and free), almost anything you release via the platform is going to get some listens.

You can submit your podcast to Spotify here.

YouTube Podcasts

YouTube Creators gets you into everything related to YouTube, including YouTube Music.

You can submit and manage your podcasts via youtube.com/creators/podcasts/.


TuneIn is an audio streaming service that delivers live news, radio, and sports. The TuneIn app streams over 100,000 radio stations from around the world, including AM and FM stations.

TuneIn has a directory, but most people know the service via its app. It's worth being listed on TuneIn since even "non-podcast listeners" who like audio content are familiar with this app and will easily be able to listen to your podcast because of this.

Submit your podcast to TuneIn here.


Ivy is a podcast discovery service that allows listeners to follow podcasts, guests, hosts, and topics. It has over 750,000 podcasts, 1 million tags, 34 million episodes, and 175 million relationships between episodes and tags. Ivy can also recommend similar topics, allowing you to surface and discover even more podcast content!

Submit your podcast to Ivy here.

Podcast Multi-Submission Tool

Add My Podcast

Add My Podcast was created to simplify the process for podcast creators to get their podcast listed in different podcast directories. In short, it lets you submit your podcast to multiple podcast directories with a single click.

Included Podcast Directories:

My Recommended Podcast Distribution Strategy

Don't worry about being "everywhere." Instead, focus on where people in your target audience will easily be able to access your podcast.

If you have an older audience that isn't tech-savvy, for example, get your podcast on Amazon Echo or get a custom app for your podcast. If your audience is younger or you have a podcast related to music and the people you're trying to reach are already on a music-streaming service like Spotify, there's no need to make them go somewhere else to access your podcast when they can do it through the Spotify app they're already using.

The "right" podcast distribution is the one that will allow you to get your podcast to the people who will most benefit. Focus on those people and make their experience listening to you great, instead of spending too much time worrying about potentially picking up a few extra listeners from smaller distribution outlets.

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