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David Hooper

10 Podcasting Lessons in 330 Words

Podcast Hosting Skills Mindset 1 min read

I've heard it said, and I've probably said it myself, "There are no rules in podcasting, only best practices." So I'm not going to call these rules... although you'll benefit a lot by following them as if they are.

1. Fly Your Flag - Let listeners know who you are. Authenticity is the glue of connection. But never tell people how "authentic and transparent" you are – show, don't tell.

2. Play Your Game - You’re in charge. You do business your way because that’s the only way for you to build something that has any credibility and substance.

3. Show Up Daily - Forward progress, even if it’s slow, will get you where you want to go. This doesn't mean you have to release a daily podcast, but "podcasting" doesn't end when you're not behind a mic.

4. Failure Is Data - ALL failure is data. There is value in knowing what doesn’t work because it gives hints to what does work. You’re not failing if you’re moving forward.

5. Value Your Work - Unless the work you’re doing is a hobby funded by something else, you need to be compensated for doing it. This compensation doesn’t necessarily have to be money.

6. Action Trumps Perfection - The only way to get great at podcasting is to get behind a mic and make podcasts. Your podcast doesn't have to be "perfect" to connect with people and help them.

7. Audience Comes First - Your podcast isn't about you, even if the podcast is named after you.

8. Always Edit (Always!) - You're not that good on the mic and not that interesting. If something doesn't move an episode forward, edit it out.

9. Get Uncomfortable Daily - How do you get better? Take chances. If it doesn't work, see Lesson #4.

10. Take Full Responsibility - You're in charge, not guests or editors who may affect the quality of your show. Own problems, then fix them.

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