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David Hooper

9 Ways to Get Better at Podcasting

Podcast Hosting Skills 1 min read

1. Make Podcasts - The best way to learn (and set yourself up for learning) is to jump in. You've got to get your hands dirty to get good at something – you can't just think about it, read about it, or discuss it.

2. Take an Improv Class - This is one of the best ways to learn how to think on your feet and all good podcast and radio hosts, like all great comics and improv performers, have this ability.

3. Read Out Loud Daily - Whether it's introducing a guest or reading a script, you need to be able to do this. And the only way to get good at it is by doing it again, and again, and again, improving a little each time.

4. Be a Guest on Other Podcasts - To be a great host, you need to fully understand the guest experience, from the pitching process, to what it feels like to be rejected, to how scheduling is done, to the technical requirements needed to connect, to getting through an interview with a host who hasn't prepared at all. This will make you more empathetic to the guest experience when you are the host.

5. Listen to Other Podcasts - Don't reinvent the wheel – learn from others.

6. Join Toastmasters - Anything you do at a Toastmasters club, from selecting a topic to speak on, to researching that topic, to outlining your presentation, to delivering your presentation, to receiving feedback about your presentation, will help you to do these things when podcasting.

7. Edit Your Own Podcast - When you edit yourself, you're forced to look at all the little mistakes you make when delivering your content. Knowing the mistakes you made will help you avoid them on future episodes.

8. Edit Others’ Podcast - Sometimes it takes somebody else making a mistake to realize that we're doing the exact same thing. Editing the podcasts of others will show you "your" mistakes in different way.

9. Perform Standup Comedy - Timing is everything in comedy and performing standup will help you to improve on your ability to successfully do it. If you write your own material, which you should, you'll also get better at editing yourself and clear on what's really necessary for your message to connect with people.

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