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You got kicked off a site. Now what?

Podcast Distribution Mindset 1 min read

OnlyFans, a site known for porn explicit content, shocked everybody when they announced they would no longer allow this material on their site.

Top earners make a million dollars per year on the site.

Imagine this – you're making a ton of cash doing your thing, then you get booted. You go from "comfortable" to zero, in seconds.

I've had it happen. I've had successful projects be kicked off both iTunes (music) and Amazon simply because somebody there decided to pull the plug. And we've all seen this happen to creators on YouTube.

It can happen to anybody, big or small. Amazon removed an electronics company entirely for some shady review practices.

Let me be clear – I'm not talking about crazy-ass, right-wing theories about "big tech censorship" or playing victim here. I'm simply saying that, if you're going to rely on one point of distribution (or promotion, or income...anything), you're taking a risk.

Diversify, regardless of the type of podcast (and other content) you release. And if you're on OnlyFans selling explicit content, realize you got lucky when they decided to continue to host adult content.

The “Problem” Happens a Number of Different Ways

Toilet paper shortage? Baby formula shortage? It’s somewhat related to the problems above in that any time you rely on a single provider for anything – manufacturing, distribution, payment, or whatever – you are basically betting everything on that single source.

More thoughts about how this relates to your podcast in this episode of Build a Big Podcast ...

You got kicked off a site. Now what?

The answer to this question, as well as any of the potential problems brought up here or within the Build a Big Podcast episode is have multiple streams of income, have multiple ways of getting new listeners (and reaching them), and have multiple mediums for your work to exist.

Have so much going on that it won’t matter if one option goes away.

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