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Subscribe vs. Follow – It Doesn’t Matter!

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The people at Apple Podcasts have decided "follow" is the right term for what the majority of podcasters call "subscribe." This means if you want people to "subscribe" to your podcast via Apple Podcasts, you may want to use the word "follow" to match their wording.

James Cridland of Podnews has some interesting thoughts on this:

The word 'subscribe’ has been confusing potential listeners for more than fifteen years. It’s time for every podcast app to copy Spotify, Stitcher, Apple, and Amazon by using 'follow’ – and for every podcaster to follow their lead. The way we talk about podcasts has changed forever: and that’s probably a good thing.

My thought... It doesn't matter which word you use nearly as much as how you explain what “subscribe” or “follow” means. Compared to big social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or music services like Spotify, very few people listen to podcasts and it’s up to us to show them the best way to listen and receive updates from us.

Want more? I’ve got a Build a Big Podcast episode about this topic:

Still want more? Subscribe to Build a Big Podcast. Or, if you prefer, follow Build a Big Podcast. Pick the option that works best for you, but know that you can’t choose both, because they’re the same thing.

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