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Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a gun rights activist and ordained Baptist pastor. He's a former US Marine, Federal Police officer, and CIA firearms trainer. He's known internationally as the Black Man with A Gun™.

Kenn has been podcasting since 2007. Originally known as the Urban Shooter Podcast, his podcast, now called Black Man With A Gun Show, covers various topics of interest to the gun community including product reviews, advice, and legislative information.

black man with a gun

I asked Kenn about his thoughts on podcasting, race, and gun culture...

With so many media choices, why podcasting?

For me, podcasting is the medium I have been waiting on since I was a kid in the 1970s, doing voice overs to my Marvel comics on reel-to-reel and cassette recorders. I always wanted to be in radio. I didn't know it was possible.  

Describe the early days of your podcast...

When I first started it was me being a kid again. I tested it too.  I tried everything.  I sang.  I pretended I was a news announcer, a blues singer. 

I did an OK Johnny Cash impression (his music) a few times on my show that was heard by someone in the Cash family. They liked it and gave me permission to sing his music, supposedly.

When did you start to feel confident behind the mic?

I felt comfortable instantly.  I learned to hear my noise.  The sounds my jaw made, when my mouth was too dry, if I had a cold or allergy issue.  I taught myself how to breath on the mic.  I practiced all kinds of things.  It actually made me a better speaker. 

Preacher vs. Podcaster

Both a preacher and a podcaster have a message. It was that comparison that made me create a podcast for ministry. Podcasters, like preachers, are persuaders, entertainers, and teachers. 

Preachers will be held accountable for what they do and what they say.  It's my belief that God will deal with people who have fallen away from Him because of their actions as preachers. Podcasters can do and say whatever.  

Gun vs. Microphone

Both the gun and the microphone are tools. They can be used to bless or curse someone.  You can kill with either. I choose to Speak Life. That is the name of my Christian podcast based on the realization that life and death can come from the power of the tongue. 

I have only used my gun for recreation. I use my mic for business. I have actually hurt more people in my life with words than bullets.

Thoughts on minorities in podcasting

Just be you. I wish we were there. We are but folks don't want to be.    

I am free. We have so many choices it boggles my mind why so many cling to segregation, victimhood, and ignorance when we have access to everything. 

Yes, folks can be prejudice, racist, and all of the ills of humanity, but white men are the only ones that get called on it. I hear the same crap coming out of  every group. We could be like Star Trek but we choose not to be.

How has the current political climate and high-profile gun-related stories helped (or hurt) your podcast? 

It's an evergreen. People love the debate. We could argue about guns and gun rights forever. It doesn’t change no matter who is in office (politicians).

If I went hard I could get really big. The platform is there. I am well known. I could make news if I wanted to. 

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