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Logo Nerds Review – What You Get for $27

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My current company wasn't always known as Big Podcast. When I started it, I worked under the brand Big Bold Impact and my work focused on helping "creative entrepreneurs" make a bigger impact with their projects in general. Podcasting was an element of how I did this, but not the focus.

I put up a site and was actively working on adding content to it, but didn't publicly announce what I was doing until I was 100 days in. Because of this, I wasn't worried about everything looking perfect or having the perfect name. I did want the site to look somewhat professional in the event anybody did happen to find it. Because of this, I decided to put up a temporary logo.

What Makes a Good Logo Design?

Logo design is an art. There are plenty of graphic designers who say they can design logos, but from my experience getting dozens of logos designed, it's best to go to a specialist. You want somebody who can communicate your message in logo form, not just put your name next to clipart.

And to get a really good logo, even with the best designer, it's best to have a very clear idea of what you're looking for.

I didn't have those details though. The site was brand new, just getting fleshed out and I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted. Because of this, I took some very basic ideas to a company called Logo Nerds, where for $27, you can get three different concepts within 3-5 days, plus revisions.

What I Gave Logo Nerds

Here is what I asked for:

  • simple, "less is more" design
  • black and white
  • bold font and feeling

I sent them a few images of logos I liked. I also suggested images I felt conveyed impact – an exclamation point, an explosion, etc.

Shortly thereafter, I received an automated email message letting me know the process. Basically, I'd have my concepts delivered in 3-5 days (not including weekends or holidays) and that everything would be handled via a project manager I could communicate with via LogoNerds.com.

So far, so good.

What Logo Nerds Sent Back

Three days later, I received these logo concepts:

Next step was to pick one and go from there. Suggestions to make it better could be sent via LogoNerds.com.

Logo Nerds – The Final Logo

Although I had "free revisions" as part of the Logo Nerds package, I was happy with Concept #1 and told them to send the final files as-is. A couple of days later, after the project manager sent me a followup message to verify I was happy, I received a set of final files including Adobe Illustrator (.ai), .eps, .tiff, .png, and NINE versions of the logo in .jpeg, including not only web-ready files, but also 300dpi files suitable for print. I also received TrueType fonts.

Is Logo Nerds Right For You?

Maybe. If you know what you want and you're willing to work with Logo Nerds on revisions (a standard process for logos, regardless of who you work with), you'll likely have a great experience. If you're flexible, you'll likely have a great experience. Don't expect just to tell them "I need a logo" and get what you want though – you need to be at least somewhat specific in your instruction. I also think it helps to be openminded as well.

You don't get a lot of hand-holding at Logo Nerds. The project manager I had was very friendly and communication with him was easy, but if you're somebody who can't ask for what you want and then make a decision based on the multiple options you'll receive, you may want a local designer who can sit down with you, in-person, and personally work through things with you

I went with Logo Nerds because I needed a logo I could get up on the site quickly. I only needed something temporary and didn't have unrealistic expectations that I'd get back an iconic logo I could use for decades. Still, for the money, I was pleasantly surprised with the options they sent.

At worst, if you don't get what you're looking for at Logo Nerds, you'll get closer to what you want. You'll have three logo concepts (or six logo concepts, if you want to pay $47) you'll be able to take somewhere else and get better results because of them.

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