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Podcasting for Mental Health

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Prodigy Sportive Attestations is a podcast that encourages personal growth and a shift in perspectives through creativity, sound research, and satire. ⁠

PSA is for educational purposes only and not a replacement for seeking professional help. You'll learn to be accepting of views different than your own if even you don't necessarily agree. It's for those who feel like they aren't heard or who struggle with their mental health. ⁠

Izzy says, "I just want to show millennials that their voice matters, and just like you I struggle too. I like to call this the other side of mental health, because although we discuss mental illnesses, I will also discuss a topic that caters to a different perspective. Thus, I am encouraging a paradigm shift, or the audience to say, 'I didn't even look at it like that.'"⁠

Here’s where he records and produces his show:

I asked Izzy about his setup, how he got started podcasting, and what skills he feels have helped him to grow as a podcaster (and grow his podcast audience).

Izzy’s Podcasting Equipment


Blue Snowball



Izzy’s Podcasting Philosophy

How (and why) did you start podcasting?

I always felt unheard, and I genuinely feel as though people don't listen to others. There are so many issues that could easily have been resolved if people listened to one another.

I love mental health, and have overcome both severe depression and anxiety. I also have a great sense of humor and wanted to combine all of these things together.

What do you love most about podcasting? Why?

I love sharing new things with people. I want everyone in the world to have access to information and anything that can make someone’s life or even day just a bit better.

I love the fact that I have created an audience that listens to my broader topics infused with comedy. Plus, talking into a mic in a dimly lit room is quite therapeutic to me.

What makes a great podcast interview?

I love the fact that I can use my voice. I have learned through podcasting that my voice is very powerful, and I plan on continuing using my God-given gift. I love being the voice of the voiceless, and discussing topics that are somewhat difficult to discuss.

What's the best thing that's happened to you because of your podcast?

The best thing that’s happened to me because of my podcast is all of the positive feedback that I’ve gotten because of it. There are so many connections I’ve made all across the country, from friends, to strategic partnerships.

There have also been lots of opportunities that have opened up because of P.S.A. I’ve been on YouTube shows, been a guest on other podcasts, been interviewed by magazines, and done radio interviews. I’ve been on panels, courtside seats at NBA Basketball games, and even offered two independent movie roles.

What non-podcasting skills do you have that have helped you to be a better podcaster? How have they helped you?

My writing skills have helped me tremendously. I’m a writer first, and even have a degree in English.

I know for a fact that my writing and research skills have helped me to create better outlines and skits for my episodes. This helps with the perfect balance of research, statistics, creativity, and satire.

Walk through the process you follow to create a podcast episode...

First, I get a topic. Typically, something happens, or I read something, watch something, or a conversation with friends happens, then I'll have an idea.

Whenever I get an idea, I put it down in the notes on my phone to save for later.

Once I go through my phone and pick a topic, I start by creating a meme. I created a meme to help show my creativity and to help with marketing.

Then I come up with a title and starting writing my outline for the episode. I then decide whether I want a guest or not. I alter certain segments depending on if I have a guest or not. Then I start researching and looking for statistics to back up my opinions.

How do you find new topics/guests for your episodes? How do you do research/outreach?

I’m inspired by so many different things and I personally am interested in so many different things. If you were ever to come to my house and look at my DVR, you'd think that many people live in my house because you'd see so many different shows. I get inspiration from my own crazy life, anime, the Bible Superheroes reality shows, documentaries, music videos, YouTube shows, cartoons, series on Netflix, and even movies.

As far as guests, I reach out to people whom I feel are influential. If I feel like you are of great influence, I’ll definitely reach out if you don't reach out first. I also utilize my great friends who have been the bulk of my guests. As far as research I literally google my topic and just go from there. A skill that got me through college.

What's the #1 thing you've found to be most effective for growing your podcast? How do you implement this?

I’ve found that hashtags, posting multiple times a day, and even tagging strangers in my post have helped me grow my podcast. These three things have also been effective in growing my brand as I feel that they force people to actually check out what I'm doing.

Listen to Izzy:

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