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"Predatory" Church Marketing, Payday Loans, and Your Podcast

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If you’ve ever wondered how those big ass churches with 10,000-person auditoriums bring in so many people every week, I present to you this list of who many of these churches are targeting:

church marketing and your podcast

This is from Rick Warren’s classic book on church marketing, The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church Is Big in God's Eyes.

Need Cash? They Already Know...

Go inside a "payday loan" place and you’ll see similar targeting. It's not listed like this or even mentioned, but it's everywhere within the marketing materials you'll see.

  • single mothers
  • people who are in-between jobs
  • blue collar workers
  • recently divorced
  • those living on the financial edge

Why? Because marketing to specific target markets works.

Helping People Isn't Predatory

A church can be helpful to people. Sometimes, payday loans are helpful to people.

Yes, Saddleback Church is targeting people who are going through difficult times.

Yes, a payday loan store is targeting people who are going through difficult times.

Each provides a solution. Maybe not the perfect solution, but something.

Your podcast likely does the same thing.

If so, why hold back on your marketing ? If you can really help people, even in an imperfect way, why play small?

There's too much noise in the world and too much competition from other podcasts to think that people will somehow magically discover your podcast on their own. If you've got a podcast that will help the people who listen to it, you need to let them know it exists and how it can help them.

The Solution To Being Ignored

It's simple, but it's not easy. If you do it though, it will grow your podcast.

Daily outreach to the people who can benefit from your podcast.

That's it. Every single day.

Here are some examples of how people I know are doing daily outreach in their businesses:

  • a bestselling author with millions of books sold does one interview or promotional appearance per day to keep up his momentum
  • a salesman does 20 cold emails per day to potential clients (NOTE: Lemlist is great for this.)
  • a podcaster reaches out to one potential interviewee per day to make new contacts and in hope that anybody he books for his podcast will promote it

How you do it doesn't matter. The important thing is you target the right people, either the people who should be listening to your podcast or people who have access to people who should be listening to your podcast, and be consistent about reaching out to them and letting them know what you have to offer.

If your podcast can help people, don't hold back. You're not serving people by being timid.

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