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Your Non-Podcasting Podcast Foundation

Mindset Podcast Marketing 3 min read

Podcasters are in a challenging situation. We have to be good at many things to have successful podcasts, but we're often strapped for time. It's easy to be overwhelmed with what we need to do and, because of this, get nothing done.

Marketing your podcast isn't fancy. It's not about "tricks" or tactics – it's about having a foundation of basic skills you can build upon, most of which have nothing to do with podcasting directly.

Everything about marketing your podcast starts with you. Here are some foundational (and personal) "podcasting" elements that will help you improve yourself as well as your podcast:

1. Where are you spending your time? Assess your podcast needs (and weaknesses) and make decisions about what you need to learn or implement. Beyond podcasting goals, what elements will most add to your life or business?

Ask yourself, “What would most benefit my podcast or enjoyment of it?” Then ask yourself, “What would most benefit the business behind my podcast?”

2. Selling skills. Selling skills can be among the most valuable for podcasters. If you don’t have the income from your podcast that you desire, enhancing your selling skills is a logical choice as a skill you want to develop.

3. Podcast marketing elements. If people don’t know about your podcast, it won't grow or be heard. If your podcast isn't compelling to listeners or easy for them to share, your reach will be limited.

Here are some marketing podcasts for podcasters that will help you with your podcast marketing.

4. Social skills. Networking, gaining, and maintaining listeners and clients is a big part of a podcaster's job. If your social skills are subpar, your podcast will struggle. Every podcaster can benefit from better social skills, regardless of the level of your podcast.

5. Public speaking. This can be a very useful skill for podcasters. It can build confidence and comfort in your ability to deliver a clear message and get you directly in front of the people you want to listen (or who already listen) to your podcast.

6. Measurable podcasting goals. Do you have measurable goals related to your podcast? As a podcaster, you will benefit from having a set of reasonable and applicable goals to work toward. Beyond that, setting and striving for goals is a valuable skill to develop – it’s something that will be useful in more areas of life than just podcasting.

7. Focus, discipline, perseverance. These are three qualities all podcasters can use more of. If you’re lacking in any of these areas, consider implementing a program that builds on one or more of these characteristics.

8. Time management. Podcasters are frequently pressed for time. The closest anyone can come to creating time out of thin air is to learn how to manage their time more effectively.

For advice on how to improve both focus/discipline and time management, check out The 5AM Miracle Podcast with Jeff Sanders. You may also benefit from his article on how to speed up podcast production.

9. Health. Many podcasters fail to care for themselves properly. Too little sleep, too many skipped meals, poor food quality, and a lack of exercise are serious impediments to good health and creating a great podcast. Making your health a priority and building some healthy habits might be the best way to spend your "podcast foundation" time.

10. Relationships. Are your relationships in order? The time commitment of hosting and publishing a podcast and the stress that goes along with these things can be a strain on any relationship. Learning how to reconnect with people in your life may be the best skill you can focus on at this time.

Decide which of these areas will best serve your podcast, business, and life. Do you want to make more sponsorship sales or to enhance your health, so you can keep this up longer? Is managing your time the best skill for you to learn at this time? Take a look at your situation and allocate your "podcast marketing" time appropriately.

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