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Advice for New (and Old) Podcasters

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Last week, I gave a presentation where I talked about how making the transition from a job to self-employment is like swinging from one trapeze to another.

Starting a new podcast, speaking your truth when you've been silent for a long time, is similar.

You Can't Have It Both Ways

We're all on a "trapeze" of some kind – swinging back and forth until the next opportunity comes along. And when it does, we often choose not to make the jump.

Who can blame somebody for playing it safe? Safe feels comfortable. And even if there's some discomfort in staying where we are, that's often more comfortable than us having to do anything differently than we have been.

To change something, we have to speak up and take risks – just like podcasting.

It's Time To Speak Up

If you're used to keeping your head down and mouth shut, it can be uncomfortable, maybe even hard, to speak your truth via a podcast. And there's always a risk that somebody you're hiding this truth from will hear you.

But you can't have a successful podcast by keeping your mouth shut or squelching your thoughts. Not a truly successful podcast.

You don't want a podcast that's caught in the middle, with part of you on your current "trapeze" of playing things safe and the other part of you taking risks. When that happens, your podcast won't go anywhere, because the people listening won't know which podcast (or host) they're getting.

It can be scary as hell to let go of your current "head down, mouth shut" mindset, because that involves risk. The more you speak your truth, the more people will have a problem with you.

But those people won't keep you from having a successful podcast – you will. The biggest barrier preventing you from making something great is your own fear.

This fear doesn't end when you launch – like poison ivy, just when you think it's gone, it can come back! You could feel great one day and suddenly hear self-sabotage knocking on your front door. And if you open it, your old friends —excuses, fears, set-backs, and doubts — will flood in and want to stay for dinner.

This is why so many new podcasters veer off track.

Embrace Your Podcasting Fear

Podcasting is risky. That's why it's a great tool for growth.

When you’re trying to grow—personally, professionally, creatively, or in any fashion—every fear you have surrounding that part of your life is going to show up. They'll become your companions along the journey.

But here's the good news: When these fears arise, you know you're going (and growing) in the right direction.

"Silence" Is Sneaky

Fears don’t come up in your life when you're stagnant. If you're sitting in an office, receiving a bi-weekly paycheck, and being rewarded for keeping quiet, fears will fall to the wayside. The only time fear pops up is when you speak your truth and go after what you really want.

So if you're scared, congratulations. It means you're creating a podcast that matters.

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