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What Happens When You Take a Break From Podcasting

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Podcasting can take a lot of energy. If you go to an event for podcasters, it's easy to think that they'll all 100% engaged and excited about making podcasts, but the reality is that there are times when stepping into the podcast studio is very difficult.

Most serious podcasters take breaks from time to time. And when you're ready to return to making regular episodes, it can be awkward.

I took a few breaks from podcasting this year, ironically to work on other projects related to podcasting, including a new book and sites like this one. From these experiences, here's what I suggest to get going again:

  1. Make the episode.
  2. Explain where you've been.
  3. Don't apologize.

An example from RED Podcast:

Like getting back in the gym after an extended holiday, getting back on track with your podcast is easier than you think it will be. While your hosting ability (and other skills) may be a little rusty, you'll be able to get them up-to-speed quicker than you may think.

Your audience will still be there. At least some of them. I talk more about this on this episode of Build A Big Podcast:

Yes, you'll lose some momentum when you take time off. If you're honest about what happened though and are willing to jump back in, this loss won't be permanent though.

Need to take a break from podcasting? While new episodes may be missed, nobody will fault you for doing what you need to revive your focus and excitement about podcasting. And your listeners may actually appreciate a break as it will give them time to catch up on past episodes.

Imagine getting a holiday card like this in the mail:

This was sent by The Thrst, who hadn't released an episode for the previous year. Any listener would be excited to receive one.

You're the foundation of your podcast. Taking time for yourself is one of the best things you can do to keep it going and serve your audience.

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