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Mobile Podcasting in a Vintage Camper

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Andrew Buckwalter is a Nashville-based real estate professional using his podcast, Nashville Untold, to market both Nashville and his real estate business.

Each episode of Nashville Untold is recorded in a modified 1961 Scottsman camper known as The Rambler.

nashville untold podcast with andrew buckwalter

I asked Andrew about his thoughts on mobile podcasting and using podcasting as a marketing tool for an existing business...

Why podcast from a camper?

I tend to not do what everybody else does….sometimes good and sometimes bad.  After I decided on the content, I knew I wanted to be local.  

I wanted to host musicians in The Rambler and I could not expect them all to come to me.

I wanted to meet guests face-to-face.  

Being in real estate, I thought this would be a great way to network and create a unique experience for guests.  

Buying the camper and modifying it...

I was sharing my podcast idea with a friend and musician.  He noted there was a camper for sale down the road from our neighborhood.  

I stopped by after our conversation that day.  The owner would buy vintage campers and fix them up and sale them.  

They had one sitting under a carport that hadn't been touched.  A few weeks later, they dropped it off at my house.  I spent four months gutting it, rehabbing it, having it painted, buying equipment and many, many hours creating all that is now the Rambler! It was a lot of work!

What kind of recording equipment do you use?

I use a H6 Zoom recorder, Miktek mics, and a Mevo recorder to video the interviews.

Advice for somebody looking for a camper to turn into a podcast studio...

My guests have all loved the camper and all that I've done to it.  My advice would be to make it your own.  

If your studio is going to be mobile, you have to make sure all is attached because stuff moves around a lot.  

It's tough to keep it cool in the hot summer and I'm still doing some modifying to maintain a cool temp.  I just have to plan to interview in the mornings and the shade.  

Don’t worry about having perfect sound because part of the experience and what makes it unique is that it's a camper you're pulling around to different areas.

How has having a podcast helped your real estate business?

I'm still really getting it going from a marketing standpoint.  Just by doing a podcast, I've tapped into an awesome group of people in Nashville creating content, podcasts, and so much more.  I've met so many people that I would have never met if I was not doing this podcast.  

Having the rambler experience I believe created a memory of me that will always stick with people because what I'm doing is unique.  

I plan to do more marking with the Rambler in the future, taking it to real estate events, home closings, and much more.

Best part (and worst part) about podcasting in a camper.

I'm a pretty aggressive driver and I have to tame my driving while pulling something so noticeable! Once I got a call from a client I passed and also a text from another friend about this.

I still have to do regular repairs on it because going over bumpy roads can move things, mainly the pallet walls.  I have an HOA in my neighborhood, so I have to pay for storage.  

The best part is that it's a cool, noticeable, and very different podcast experience. I think the environment relaxes my guests in a way that's not possible when recording over the Internet.  

The most interesting mobile podcasting experiences. 

Every experience is different because I'm hosting it at a different place and my guests all have great stories to tell.  

Having musicians play right in front of me is pretty awesome.  

Reading what my guests write in the guest book after the experience is very encouraging.

All the praise my guests give me as they step in the Rambler make all the hard work I did on its rehab well worth it!  

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