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David Hooper

Rush Limbaugh Has Assumed Room Temperature

Hall Of Shame Mindset 1 min read

That’s a harsh title, isn’t it? But I think it’s fitting for this post about the death of Rush Limbaugh as this is how he frequently referred to people who died before him.

Rush was as asshole. He misled people and spread endless conspiracy theories. He was Alex Jones with more money to cover his ass and better skills to make what he said more believable.

He was also a great radio host. He knew his audience, delivered what they wanted, and showed up daily to deliver that message for years, even when he lost his hearing to the point where he had to have the spoken words of callers transcribed so that he could read them.

Whether you like his message or not, by radio standards, Rush did the work. Still, his “work” when it came to being a kind human was severely lacking. It was certainly harmful to the people whom he personally attacked, such as Michael J. Fox.

The Opportunity

Rush is gone. Michael J. Fox is still here. So are we.

There will be other pundits to take his place, but nobody will fill the shoes of Rush Limbaugh, because the media landscape has changed. While radio is more consolidated than ever, it’s no longer the only option for spoken word entertainment.

As consumers, we have more “talk radio” choices than ever. And as content creators, we have more options to be included in those choices. This makes it highly unlikely, and arguably impossible, that another radio host could ever have the reach Rush Limbaugh did.

You don’t need a huge reach to have a huge impact with podcasting. If you can reach just a few people, you have the opportunity to do better than Rush Limbaugh when it comes to helping people and making them better. And as humans, we can do better than he did when it comes to our own personal growth and evolution.

Let’s do better than he did.

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