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Spreading a Message Through Podcasting

Podcaster Spotlight 2 min read

There are three main reasons people start (and maintain) a podcast:

  1. Sell a product or service
  2. Establish authority and show expertise
  3. Spread a message or philosophy

For many people, starting a podcast is a combination of the three.

Darin Eubanks has been involved in different forms of Christian ministry for over 20 years. He produces several podcasts and started The Kingdom Bringer Podcast to spread a message – he wanted to build-up and encourage other Christians to “release the Kingdom” everywhere they go.

Here’s where Darin records The Kingdom Bringer Podcast:

I asked Darin about making The Kingdom Bringer Podcast and his podcasting philosophy:

Darin’s Podcasting Equipment


Shure SM58 and a couple of ATR 2100s





Darin’s Podcasting Philosophy

How (and why) did you start podcasting?

I wanted to have another platform to create content that would encourage people. I definitely started it as a means for ministry.

What makes a great podcaster?

Not afraid to be vulnerable. Willing to talk about their strengths AND weaknesses.

What makes a great podcast episode?

I’m a sucker for good, fresh music. I want to be hooked right off the bat.

What do you wish you'd known when you started podcasting? Why?

I wish I would have known that, “just get started” is the best way to get started. I wish I would have had a better launch strategy.

What do you love most about podcasting? Why?

I love the whole process. The creating. The producing. The music.

What's the worst thing about podcasting? Why?

Not everyone is going to think what you have to say is interesting. That sucks 😁

What makes a great podcast interview?

I think Howard Stern has a lot of great examples of this. Don’t be afraid to dig down into the answer. Encourage vulnerability and honesty from your guests.

Listen to Darin:

You can subscribe to The Kingdom Bringer Podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or RSS.

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